Post Audio

I work collaboratively with my clients to define their vision and transform that vision into sound. From musical scores to edgy car commercials, I compose music that draws emotion.
I design sound for a wide platform of media including commercials, interactive, and television. Sound design is an art form that requires the ability to hear the complexity of sounds and manipulate them to achieve a realistic picture. This is something that can only be achieved by paying great attention to detail. I am very passionate about sound design and have worked very hard for many years honing these skills. I take great pride in my work and am always willing to invest my time and energy to ensure that the client is thrilled with the final product.

From broadcast ready dialog recording and editing to music composition and sound design, I deliver the assets you require for your project.


For the artist that needs professional mixes from small scale projects sweeping to entire albums mixed on an SSL 4082 are all within reach. Provide your individual session tracks and I will prepare and mix. While I enjoy my work in television and advertising, I support indie artists and believe that artists needs a sonic leg up. Achieve high-fidelity results on an indie budget. I would be happy to answer technical questions. Please inquire for rates or for more information.