Long Overdue…

Fake Lake

For a while now I have wanted to share ideas of sound design with others interested in the art and science. Im hoping this page finds an audience of others passionate about capturing sound and manipulating it, for whatever the platform or purpose.

Awhile back I was giving the contract of creating the sound effects track to accompany the controversial indoor lake for the G20 / G8 summit in Toronto. This was a fun project because the manmade lake was all over the news. I wanted to create an atmosphere that did not sound like a looped recording. I really wanted everyone at the fake lake to feel like they were sitting on a dock in Muskoka. It basically required some elements that were stock, and others from my library of sound effects I have captured in tranquil environments.  I boiled down this track from 52 minutes to 5 minutes.

Listen below and see if you can tell what is stock and what is not.

Fake Lake by 48volts

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